Shopping in Spain

If you think shopping in Spain is just a place to pick up a flamenco guitar or a straw hat you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Whether you’re at one of the open-air markets or upper-end shops in Barcelona and Madrid, shopping is always an adventure. Here’s a look at the shopping scene in Barcelona… Continue reading Shopping in Spain

Schools in Spain

You can learn schools in Spain from this article. When relocating to Spain with children. One of the difficult decisions that you have to make concerns about their schooling. Any choices that you make will impact your child’s future and may determine a very different outcome to what might have been, had you stayed in… Continue reading Schools in Spain

Save money on holiday in Spain

Save money on holiday in Spain. Had a great holiday recently for a fraction of the normal price. There are plenty of ex-pats now living in Spain who regularly let out their apartments and with flights being so cheap I saved a fortune. I found the apartment I stayed in, which was fantastic, at the… Continue reading Save money on holiday in Spain

Relaxation and Sightseeing in Spain

There’s a ton of things to see when sightseeing in Spain.  The city, which shares the same name as the province, is also the capital.  Your trip will likely begin as you fly into Alicante Airport or even San Javier, of which both are located right outside of the city.  Though Alicante is the furthest… Continue reading Relaxation and Sightseeing in Spain

Popular Spain Attractions in Large Cities

Spain is a popular destination for tourists from all over Europe and around the world. There are many popular Spain attractions in larger cities and small villages throughout the country. Museums, palaces and old churches give the traveler an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the various regions in the country. Popular… Continue reading Popular Spain Attractions in Large Cities

Planning Your Spain Vacation around the Weather

While you’re planning your trip to Spain vacation, you’ll want to keep in mind Malaga weather. This is because the weather in this area is one of the more favorable for hot vacation spots throughout most of the year. The summers are dry and hot, and the winters are mostly mild with no snow. As… Continue reading Planning Your Spain Vacation around the Weather

Traveling to Altea

If you’re traveling to Altea and looking for a vacation spot in which to relax and unwind, consider Altea.  North of Benidorm, you’ll find an unspoiled fishing village that has kept its small-town charm and natural beauty. Traveling to Altea This city is located approximately one hour from Alicante airport.   Several different modes of transportation… Continue reading Traveling to Altea

One Hot Erotic Vacation

One Hot Erotic Vacation is springtime which means it’s time to spice up your love life by planning an exotic getaway! Gabby Love is designed to enhance relationships. The following will consist of tips to a favorite locale of Gabby Love that shall be a once in a lifetime experience…Less PORT is the featured location.… Continue reading One Hot Erotic Vacation

Mini-Travel Report-The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, also known as England or Great Britain is the country which once ruled nearly the entire world. The glory might have been lost but the people are still proud of their country and heritage and the travel and tourism industries are among the best in the world. The United Kingdom is an… Continue reading Mini-Travel Report-The United Kingdom

Malaga: Spain’s More Favorable Weather

The Costa del Sol region of Spain is fortunate to such favorable Mediterranean weather, but it is important to obtain an accurate Malaga weather forecast when planning a vacation though Malaga has some of the best weather in Spain. There is, basically, no rainfall during the summer season and very little the remainder of the… Continue reading Malaga: Spain’s More Favorable Weather