We Build Up A FREE Website For You

Our technical team will build up a new, smoothly running website with all necessary features for you. The website will be clear and easy to use what will help your customers to find easily what they are looking for on your website. (everything included: domain, hosting, etc.)

Your FREE website will be very clear with a simple minimalist design what we believe will help to maximize customers inquiries. In order to achieve eye-catchy, valuable website, we strongly suggest using high-quality speechy images and/or colorful pictures instead of creepy colors.

As Apple believes in their own closed system, we believe in our strategy.

Once your application is approved you will get the website within 24-72 hours with editor access to be able to handle your upcoming articles, photos or other good quality content. We take care of updates, necessary maintenances and we import your initial content and products.

Your Website Will Properly Appear On All Screen Sizes


Technical Services

When you take our packages you can get out much more from our FREE website offer. We give all the technical background what you need for an up and running, responsive website what is properly connected and parameterized.

Our support team will hold your hand to start managing your website and your content. We give full support to our products and services for our clients. We take care of all updates, maintenances and editing tasks as well.

We will add additional premium features to your website what suits your business needs. We will also connect your website to search engines, to social media platforms and to site aggregators to ensure the growing amount of visitors to your website.

SEO Services – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex

The Internet is the new street where customers are coming together to share information, experiences, and reviews. It is important to optimize your website for the search engines. We give all the SEO background what needs for a Google and other search engines friendly website.

Stop wasting your money to pay for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising! Ones your credit is over it’s just gone, like printed flyers in the trash. No One will see it again and no chance for rebalancing ROI. Let’s start to work on SEO than your page will come upper and upper in Google and in all the other search engines as well. Our SEO specialized team will help you to can be found for your guests who are looking for your services or products.

How does it work?

Search engines like Google or Yahoo have an algorithm to rank the websites for the search results. It is a very complex and difficult system since it has more than 200 factors, but here are a few important key factors to take care of

– Relevant contents:

It means people are able to find an original useful or entertaining piece of content as result of their searches in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex

– Visitors are spending time on your page:

If visitors spend time on your page (read your content, watching your videos) the search engines notice your page as a useful, interesting, relevant website what probably would be helpful for others as well, so start to rank your page ahead.

– Quality backlinks:

The more you have, the faster you are getting ahead in Google ranking. Search engines are scanning connections between different pages. Search engine systems are scanning as well, how many pages are directing their visitors to your website in case of your reliable, useful contents. f the backlink coming from a well ranked, useful page, it will grow your ranking more than if it is coming from a no-name website. So quality over quantity. Sharing is caring. We have more than 15 well ranked PA/DA websites where we are mention our partners to help our clients to gain better ranking faster.

We will consistently improve the domain authority and the page authority of your website.

Step by step… SEO is a long-term investment. Of course, there are available ways to speed up the results, but if you decide to start work on in step by step you have to feel comfortable with it that it takes time, but it is not wasted money. Content is like a property and getting more valuable by the time.

If you are just starting to work on your SEO now, with a minimum investment, probably it will take around a year to reach a good position in Google and the other search engines. The later you start, as later and as much difficult you can reach your enquired position. In southern Spain, SEO is quite a “new” marketing strategy. Not many businesses understand and use it. It means: You are not so late to get started today! Give us a chance and try out our service to achieve a higher level of online appearance than you would ever imagine.

“Working on SEO with patience = Reliable new visitors to your website”

Content Production

Article writing for your blog is essential for the before mentioned search engine optimization, since prospective visitors are looking for certain things in the search engines according to their current needs. Having useful content is very beneficial since it is like property and getting more valuable by the time in case of it is properly written.

Your visitors want useful content that teaches something new, answering their certain questions or it is guiding through them taking actions. A website must have original content even if a topic or keyword is covered elsewhere. Giving original content can be improved by editing with unique insight.

In order to become credible your users need content they can trust and follow up continuously. Your credibility can be improved by borrowing credibility from other experts through guest posting what will also improve the ranking of your website. A good blog post is written by a forced way to please visitors and search engines as well.

Our team has extensive experience in content development and video production as well and we are happy to produce high quality content on behalf of our clients. With all of our exclusive services you get great quality engaging content what will drive more and more customers to your business.

“Content is king while the story is the focus”

Most of the people are still don’t understand the importance of content. Let me explain a bit. Content is helping to be able to get found you in Google when visitors are searching for something. For example, when you want to look up something like a holiday you will use keywords and key phrases to find a relevant, useful and entertaining piece of content and get the information you were looking for. It is simple if there is no content there is no keywords or usefulness.

When a visitor ends up on your website, he needs to find reliable contents like articles, reviews, blog post or vlog shots, so your visitor can get information about your services from a third person. Like: your staffs are really nice, helpful and professional, they speak English, the dental treatment was painless, etc…

Contents help to build up the trust. If you have enough contents, your visitors will feel like they know you, because they saw or read about you. Our agency is working with social media influencers and they help us to get your business boosted by mentioning or visiting for a vlogging purpose.

Marketing Services

When it comes to marketing, two words come to mind: return and consistency. The ROI (return on investment) will show you the efficiency of the strategy based on your goals with your website. The consistency is essential for any type of marketing and it can be hard if you need to do it on your own on a regular basis. When you hire the Costa del Group services you will enjoy the benefits of our consistency.

We are running more website at the Costa del Sol and we are building our massive subscriber database for a precisely targeted email marketing campaign. Our regular newsletter includes the offers from our partners as a special offer for recurring customers.

Email marketing is one of the essential online marketing, have a look at some details:

We have a bunch of ideas, regarding social media campaigns such as a #hashtag #photo contest or #beauty contest (and so on) and when you have any idea we are the team who can get it done.

We plan, schedule and execute the campaigns to ensure our clients are getting more customer inquiries to their business.

Here is one of the social campaigns what can generate more than 100 new clients in less than a week.

managing social media profiles is getting more challenging by time, automation is getting banned from social platforms since the social media industry also wants to achieve a higher engagement rate. Our team manages your profile and post on a regular basis to your social profiles to ensure the growing audience and engagement at your business.

For sure you are professional in your business, this is why it can reach a higher position every day. We are specialized in marketing, SEO, content and the technical background to help your business to reach higher level every day.

We also list the services, products and business details to our local platforms such us directory listing, job portal, blog and much more what will improve your ranking and sales as well.

With our additional services you can outstanding designs done for your minor campaigns, you also can use our remote help services to help you with any IT related task, or our team is even ready to assist you on a regular basis to ensure your business goes well.