Spain Is a Great Tourist Destination

Malaga is an ancient city that was founded by the Phoenicians and has been under the rule of many different groups of people over time.  Malaga, which is located in modern-day Spain, was also ruled by the Romans and the Moors.  You can see the remnants of these influences all over the city and this can make for great sightseeing in Malaga.  Make the most of your trip to this part of Costa del Sol by checking out all Malaga has to offer. Spain Is a Great Tourist Destination in the world.

Spain Is a Great Tourist Destination

You can experience the beauty of Malaga beach, as well as the shimmering nightlife.  If you want a more historical or cultural tour of Malaga than you can find that too.  You can visit famous old churches and fortresses to get an idea of the grand history of this place. 


There is a famous Cathedral located in Malaga that used to be the site of a mosque.  A cathedral was built over this location when the Catholic Kings took over this region of Spain. This cathedral was not completed until 1728 and you can see the variety of architectural styles that have shaped the development of this building. 

La Inglesia del Sagrario

You can also visit La Iglesia del Sagrario if you want an example of a beautiful gothic church.  This church was also built over the site of a mosque. This church was made in 1448 and also has many beautiful pieces of art within the church including sculptures and reliefs. 


To see a beautiful example of an Andalusia Baroque church then you’ll want to visit the Santuario de la Virgen.  You can find the tombs of the Counts of Buena Vista in this impressive old church.

Diocesal Museum

You can visit the Diocesan Museum in Malaga for a sampling of beautiful religious art pieces.  There is also the Museum of Popular Art and Culture, as well as the Museum of Arts where you can see pieces from several different Spanish artists.  This museum is housed in an old palace.


If you want to see the famed King’s Palace called Alcazaba then you are in the right spot.  This was built in the eleventh century and contains a museum full of archaeological treasures.  There are also the ruins of a Roman theatre located on the premises.  You can feel free to stroll through the gardens as well.

Castillo de Gibralfaro

After you’ve seen the palace you can head on over to the Castillo de Gibralfaro.  This structure was originally built by the Phoenicians.  The Moors also built a fortress there in the fourteenth century where you are free to tour and look around. 

Feria de Verano

In the summertime, there are many different music festivals for you to enjoy, such as the Feria de Verano which happens in the third week of August.  This is a festival dedicated to Flamenco music and dance and there is also a wonderful parade of horses. 

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Flamenco music

You can also enjoy Flamenco music almost any time of year in Malaga.  If you check out the promenade near the sea then you can go to a few different bars and clubs that play live music.  You are free to enjoy a drink on a terrace and soak in the local flavor.  If you go to the Malagueta part of town you’ll be able to enjoy the best in modern nightlife. 


When you want to savor some delectable Mediterranean style food then look no farther than Malaga.  The menu is rich with seafood and fresh shrimp dishes that are sure to excite your palate.  You can also savor a lovely bowl of Gazpacho while you are in town!

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