Family holidays very young kids

Marbella, Spain – the perfect destination for family holiday with very young kids

Family holidays are the most important part of the year, which if you are going away with young children has to be as stress-free and relaxed as possible. Marbella is a great destination to find fun for the whole family.

Family holidays very young kids

The little ones in Marbella probably are among the happiest in the world… Where else can a few years old children in Europe enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year, full with outside programs in the fresh air? Whether you are a full-time resident of the Costa del Sol or simply dropping into Marbella for a week, you will find loads of resources available to help make your time with your family truly special and unforgettable.

Spanish Local peoples

Spanish locals are very relaxed and friendly. You can’t expect most places to offer your children coloring books, crayons, and balloons. But you will find that most places will be accommodating to your needs whether it’s reheating a baby bottle or cleaning up the big mess that your baby made all over the place.

Features and facilities

Marbella offers many baby-friendly hotels with a fantastic range of features and facilities like baby pools and toddler, play areas, family rooms, and kids’ clubs. You can enjoy time together as a family, or even a little time out for just the two of you. Marbella is a city that lives on tourism, so many family issues are tolerated even if not noticed. If your baby is quiet enough you will find that you can even get into some of the fine restaurants.

Nannies, Babysitters and child care providers in Marbella

Mary Poppins Services (lent találod bővebben – szerintem talán új old alt kéne nyitni ha rá kattintunk. Nem tudom. Hogy gondolas? Túl soak Lenne egyben ide. Nem?)  is the first agency based in Marbella specialised in the recruitment of highly-qualified staff and caregivers including: nannies, babysitters, housekeepers and adult care providers.


BabyGym Marbella (bővebben lent ugyanúgy) is a new concept of stimulation for children. They offer activities that contribute to social, cognitive, affective and psychomotor development through play. Offering pre & postnatal exercises, Yoga & Pilates for babies and parents as well as baby massages.

Mundo Mania (bővebben lent ugyanúgy) is an indoor & outdoor playcentre, created to fill the need for a place at Marbella area where not only children but all members of the family can go and enjoy a day or evening together.

Marbella nurseries, kindergarten and day care

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Nurseries in Marbella

Nurseries in Marbella offer a great education to all international residents and visitors. If you are thinking to spend more time at the Costa Del Sol area with your children, here below you can find details about Marbella nurseries and kindergartens.

The International Kids Club

(Also known as International Kids Club El Campanario) offers a Tri-lingual education programme (English, Spanish and Russian) that with an innovative and effective teaching method in a safe, encouraging environment.

Casa del Mar Montessori offers a Montessori education based on the principles and practices of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Their programs include Infant Community (18 months-3 years), Children’s House (3-6 years).

Kinder Care is a bi-lingual school housed in a superb, modern and purpose-built nursery in Benalmadena Pueblo, Costa del Sol. They are an international nursery and infant school catering to children between the ages of 0-6.

Moonlighting is a professional, international bi-lingual nursery in Marbella that has developed a strong reputation among families on the Costa del Sol. The school is open year-round and its hours of operation are 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Ludoteca Mundo Mágico is a professional Day Care Centre providing engaging and flexible day care for newborns and kids up to 10 years of age. Day Care is available all day, either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Patatina Baby School in Puerto Banus provides English, Spanish and Russian qualified native teachers. Patatina is the perfect place to leave your children under experienced hands.

La Latina Baby School is a bilingual school in Marbella offering primary education in English and Spanish for children aged 3 months to four years old. Located in the heart of Marbella.

Calpe School is a private English nursery and school following the British National Curriculum and Spanish Curriculum for boys and girls from 2 to 9 years of age.

Marbella Montessori School is a private school located in a picturesque hillside community of San Pedro de Alcantara, which teaches according to the English National Curriculum for boys and girls aged 3 to 11 years.

Wendy Marbella First School located near Central Marbella is a family-focused nursery for children up to 5 years of age. The school’s philosophy is to deliver a safe and healthy environment with a strong emphasis in both English and Spanish languages.

Guarderia Atalaya is a Spanish language kindergarten for children from 0-6 years old. Located in the quiet neighborhood of Atalaya in East Estepona.

Los Pekes is a Spanish language kindergarten for children from 4 months to 5 years old. Located in East Marbella.

Mary Poppins Services

It is the first agency based in Marbella specialized in the recruitment of highly-qualified staff and caregivers.  Their portfolio of services in Marbella includes Nannies, Babysitters, Housekeepers, Maids, and Adult Care. Whereas other agencies utilize a pool of resources with an unknown track record, Mary Poppins differentiates itself from others by offering an exclusive and personalized service to clients, helping them to find the right person to take care of their homes and of the people they love.

Mary Poppins has a selective recruitment process for nannies

Mary Poppins Services employs a strict selection process to properly choose their candidates, and the agency is very proud of the level of satisfaction of its clients. The founder, Angeles Contreras – who used to be a lawyer for more than 15 years.

Five reasons to consider Mary Poppins services

1) Confidence, confidence, confidence The main motto of Mary Poppins is simply that it aims to help its clients to find the right housemaid; reliable and dedicated to taking care of your children, your home or the people you love the most. The agency employs a strict methodology of recruiting candidates and each is required to provide a minimum of 3-years of verifiable experience and 2 references for previous jobs and employers, which we check personally. The agency does not accept candidates who do not have legal residency in Spain.

Avoid endless

2) Save time, money and annoyance Avoid endless interviews, questions and phone calls. Mary Poppins takes care of that task and provides you with the support you need.

3) Personality test initiated by a psychologist Mary Poppins interviews selected candidates with an in-house psychologist to ensure that candidates have a suitable emotional balance and to insure that a clear report – highlighting the qualities and relevant skills of that employee – are provided to the family of interest.

4) Free Guarantee for 3 months If during this period, the employee does not fit the profile the client needs, Mary Poppins arranges free searches for another employee that meets the client’s expectations.

5) Peace of mind Mary Poppins takes care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy connected with the hiring of your employee. Its labor office (Gestoría) manages the details so you do not have to worry about it.

A word from the founder of Mary Poppins

“My background and experience as a Lawyer in Marbella for more than 15 years, working side-by-side and close to foreigners and experts based in Marbella during so many years, as well as, especially, my own personal experience of being married to a Danish man, having my lovely Scandinavian-Spanish daughter, made me realize and understand so deeply the kind of needs that many families, but especially those foreigners families, residing in Marbella could have when we are talking about trust and confidence.

As I like to say, my aim with this company is to recruit those kinds of reliable professional people that I would love to work in my own house and to take care of the people I love, feeling confidence and relaxed.”


Mary Poppins Services, Av. Ricardo Soriano No. 66, Marbella

Tel: +34 625 490 119, +34 648 693 509

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Mary Poppins Services

Baby GYM Marbella Services

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It is a new concept of stimulation for children. They offer activities that contribute to social, cognitive, affective and psychomotor development through play. Offering pre & postnatal exercises, Yoga & Pilates for babies and parents as well as baby massages.

Baby Gym Marbella was with the Entrepreneur Award of the City of Marbella Trade Awards 2016. They had a wonderful start to their business and only plan on providing big and better for the upcoming years.

Baby Gym is for mothers and children age 3 to 12 months

They carry out exercises which favor their motor, cognitive and language development through games and activities appropriate to their age. They aim to reinforce the mother-baby – father link that ever so important to interpret in this world. Strengthen their muscles to crawl and become great explorers. Stimulate their digestive, immune, respiratory and circulatory system with massages.  With results of having physically more agile, strong and independent children who have high levels of coordination and greater retention.


Baby Massage reinforces a sense of security and trust by facilitating the expression of feelings and emotions. Relieves cramps, constipation and gas reinforcing the positive link. Provides tranquility and allows for a restful sleep. It also helps to relieve tension, both physical and emotional helping them to know their own bodies.

Parents also benefit from these massages generating a better mutual understanding and promotes secure attachment.

Yoga Fitness for Mums with Babies and Children

With the smaller babies, activities are aimed to awaken their senses, strengthen their muscles and stimulate their digestive and immune system through gymnastics and massage. Yoga lessons are also available during pregnancy.

For those who already sit, crawl or stand up they have started working on small circuits of psychomotor skills that develop their abilities to stand up, sit down and go through different types of surfaces, better their balance and begin the challenge of walking.

Pre & Post Natal activities

And exercises are just as important for your baby’s health as they are for your own. BabyGym Marbella provides you with professional exercise prior, during and after birth for the maintenance of health and general wellbeing. Not only can you then regain your pre-baby body and lose those extra kilos, but it helps boost your mood. During pregnancy, the right activities protect you from aches and pain and give you more energy, for those days you feel down or tired.


Baby Gym Marbella will be teaching and guiding mothers on how to mentally and physically stimulate the growth and well being of their newborn child. This can be achieved through baby massage, a well-constructed discipline especially designed for babies. As a follow through, mothers can partake in a yoga class whilst their babies are sleeping. The Baby Gym also offers pre & postnatal yoga, pregnancy massage and more.

7 activities your kids will love on the Costa del Sol

They work your kids concentration, language, music, creativity and relationships with other children and adults.


Location:  Av. Virgen del Rocío, 29

29670 San Pedro Alcántara

Tel: +34 620 737 640

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: BabyGym Marbella


Mundo Mania Services

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Mundo Mania is the Costa del Sol’s leading play and party center for toddlers, youngsters, teens, mums, dads, and even grandparents! They have a fantastic assortment of leisure and play facilities offering hours of fun for all the family in a safe, and friendly environment.

The Mundo Mania was created to fill the need for a place on the western Costa del Sol where not only children. But all members of the family can go and enjoy a day or evening out.


Their center offers children the chance to play, learn and develop in a fun, stimulating and safe environment. With the biggest and best soft play areas on the coast as well as a fantastic wet play zone, trampolines, and regular events and workshops. Your kids will always find something new each time they come to play.  Continue reading about Mundo Mania…

Mundo Mania play facilities

Interactive baby & toddler soft play area  (1 to 3-year-olds): specifically designed to provide a fun and stimulating environment for babies and toddlers.  In addition, they will be running regular classes and events including baby massage, rhyme time, messy play, tumble tots, monkey music and more.

Main playframe for 4 to 12-year-olds:

Let your little monkeys go wild in their huge play-frame with triple slide, twister slide, double slide, volcano, sports field, power tower, giant ball pool, smaller ball pool, ramps, trampoline and climbing wall.  They will also be holding regular events with other kids attractions so there will always be something new to entertain them.

Table Tennis, Air Hockey & Pool Tables:

12-year-olds and older. They’ve not forgotten the older kids who are a bit grown up for soft play. So for them, they have introduced a special Teen Zone where they can play pool, table tennis, air hockey, table football, and foot pool! It’s the perfect place to enjoy some tabletop sporting action with friends or family.

Outdoor Area:

  • Magical wet play area
  • Trampolines
  • Multi-sports pitches
  • Small free play area
  • Atrium bar serving food and drinks with fantastic sea and mountain views

Cafe & Bar – Play, Eat, Relax and Repeat:

Adults can join in the fun or relax in their Café & Bar and enjoy a drink, breakfast, snack, lunch or even dinner! Their superb chef has designed a delicious menu that will tantalize adult taste buds with dishes from all corners of the globe and their kid’s menu will appeal to even the fussiest little monkey. We can assure you that the menu at Mundo Manía is nothing like the average play center food – it’s a menu that any restaurant would be proud to offer. Drop in for breakfast after school, on the weekend or during the holidays – any time is Mundo Mania time!


Starting 12th September. 3€ entry for 1 to 3 year olds and 6€ entry for 4 to 12 year olds. Includes unlimited play on the soft play frames, wet play and trampolines! Offer valid every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm onwards.


Every Saturday from 11am to 1pm. For 1 to 4 year olds. Entry 7.50€ including access to the baby & toddler interactive soft playframe and participation in the Rhymes & Stories class with Ashley and a mini lunch and squash for the child.


Every Wednesday from 11 is to 1 pm. For 1 to 3-year-olds. Entry 5€ including a free coffee, access to the baby & toddler interactive soft play frame and participation in the Baby Bounce & Rhyme Time class.

Party packages

All the fun without the hassle! Mundo Manía provides everything you need for a really great party without all the fuss – just leave it to them!

Toddlers: from 8.00€ per child

Kids (3 to 12 years of age): from 13.00€ per child

Packages include:

Unlimited access to wet play and soft play zones and trampolines subject to capacity, 2 hours use of a party room or dedicated outside table, unlimited squash and water, party food, free admission for accompanying adults. One-month free pass for the birthday boy or girl and free downloadable party invitations. Friendly and helpful staff will help you create a truly wonderful party that your child is sure to remember! Choose from one of their themed party rooms or customize your own. The choice is yours. Plus you can make your party even more special with Mundo Manias party extras including:

  • Birthday cake
  • Party goodie bags
  • Candy bar
  • Piñatas
  • Face painter
  • Magician
  • Children’s entertainer
  • Adult catering (sharing platters, buffet, set meal)
  • Bespoke party room decorations
  • Personal appearance from our cuddly mascot Milo the Monkey
  • Personal appearance from one of our Disney characters
  • Photographer


Mundo Manía, Urb Taraje, 53-75 Camino de Brijan s/n 29680 Estepona, Málaga.

Exit Cancelada, between KM165 and KM166 on the A-7.

T: (+34) 952 938 173

E: [email protected]


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