Traveling to Altea

If you’re traveling to Altea and looking for a vacation spot in which to relax and unwind, consider Altea.  North of Benidorm, you’ll find an unspoiled fishing village that has kept its small-town charm and natural beauty.

Traveling to Altea

This city is located approximately one hour from Alicante airport.   Several different modes of transportation are available to you once you land.  You might find it most convenient to rent a car, but public buses and trains are also options.

The economy of the area is booming, largely due to the increase in available real estate.  As tourism is the biggest economic growth factor, new hotels and other types of lodging have sprouted up in recent years.  Chances are, here you’ll find the perfect accommodations to suit your needs.

Things to See in Altea

This area, nestled in the mountains of Sierra de Bernia, offers some of the most beautiful views of the Costa Blanca.  It attracts tourists from all walks of life, from international writers and painters to local artists.  For some, it’s a permanent home, for others, it’s simply a tranquil vacation spot.

Walking tour

The best way to see the city and all of its unique features is by taking a walking tour.  Private and group tours are available throughout the town and surrounding areas.  You may even find that this type of tour can be included in a vacation package. Here you’ll find the well-known church, Neustria Senora del Consuelo.  Its familiar blue dome is a tribute to the traditional Mediterranean-style architecture that is prevalent in this area.

One Hot Erotic Vacation

If you’re looking for a little more excitement, you can wander down the narrow cobblestone streets to find unique shops, some with quaint handmade souvenirs.  You’ll find that some stores operate all day, while some are closed for an hour or two during the middle of the day.

Craft market

You can visit the craft market, near the harbor area.  It’s open from Easter through September.  You can find unique gift items from local artisans.  Most of the items are handmade, and the prices are reasonable.

Some would argue that a vacation is not complete without golf.  If that’s the case, you’ll find many courses around the Costa Blanca to please any golfer.  It’s a good idea to call ahead, as green fees vary from course to course, and from season to season.


If you like the hustle and bustle of a city brimming with activity, Benidorm is the place for you.  It’s the most popular resort area on the Costa Blanca, with over 1000 restaurants.  During the day, you can visit its theme parks and at night you can dance the night away at one of its 30 nightclubs.

Plan ahead, so when you’re finally on vacation, you can relax!

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