Planning Your Spain Vacation around the Weather

While you’re planning your trip to Spain vacation, you’ll want to keep in mind Malaga weather. This is because the weather in this area is one of the more favorable for hot vacation spots throughout most of the year. The summers are dry and hot, and the winters are mostly mild with no snow. As well, the autumn and spring seasons are both warm. The sun is nearly always shining on most of the days during the year. Only during the autumn and winter months is there the chance of a little rain.

Planning Your Spain Vacation around the Weather

When you’re planning your trip you’ll want to figure out what it is you want to get out of your vacation. This will allow you to easily choose what time of year that you’ll want to take this vacation. Are you one who loves the extreme heat and sunshine of summer? This is certainly the most popular choice, but the heat isn’t always for everyone. Likely you do still want to experience the sun, but if the heat puts you off then you may want to consider either spring or early in the autumn. If you’re looking to escape the winter in your hometown then you’ll be making a good choice to choose to vacation in Malaga during the winter.

Traveling to Altea

It’s actually quite nice to visit the Costa del Sol during the spring. You’ll enjoy temps that are mild, but not too hot. For example, the median high temperature during the day goes between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius and drops slightly but comfortably at night to about 9 to 15 degrees.


You won’t see a lot of rain during the spring months. Average rainfall for a month during the spring is about 60mm from March to approximately 20mm during May. This climate, therefore, makes the spring an excellent time for golf and any other outdoor activity that you might like. So, if heat is not for you, then you may certainly want to consider traveling in spring.

Costa del Sol

Of course unlike most vacation spots the summer is the most popular time for tourists and vacationers to the Costa del Sol. This season begins in June, with high sunshine and heat. The sun is nearly completely consistent and seldom broken during this month. If you’re looking to get away from the extreme then going near the sea to a cool breeze is what you’ll need to do. Make sure to watch for sunburns during June, because this is when your skin is at the most danger. Make sure that you apply your sunscreen frequently and use a lot of it.


The hottest month in Malaga in August. This is also the time of the most humidity. Every now and then you’ll come across a sea fog that makes the city resemble that of a sauna. Heat in the range of 40 degrees Celsius for the day and 30 at night is not unheard of. As well, you’re certain to run into the occasional thunderstorm as well.


During the autumn and winter months you can certainly catch a break from the heat with temperatures in the 20 to 28-degree range, and you may even get a bit of rain during the winter, but this is rare, maybe six or seven days out of a winter month. Basically, you’re looking at sunshine nearly all year in Malaga, and how could you beat that?

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