Malaga, Spain Is a Beautiful Place to Visit

If you have decided to travel to Malaga, Spain, prepare to be busy. There is so much to do in and around this Costa del Sol town that you will never lack for something to do. The weather in this area is typically Mediterranean; hot summers and mild winters. The most popular time for vacationers is summer, but a visit to this area is lovely any time of year.

Malaga, Spain Is a Beautiful Place to Visit

If you do want to travel during the busy summer months, make sure you book your flight, your hotel, your car rental well in advance. If you wait too long, the availability will be less and you may have to pay more for what you want. Car rentals are available both at the airport and in the city. If you decide you don’t need a car, (or if you wait too long and find you can’t rent one because it is summer) you can hire a car just to take you to and from the airport.

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You will have a number of attractions to visit in Malaga. One of the most interesting is the Citadel or Alcazabo. This is the largest fortress in AndalucĂ­a, built during the eighth through the eleventh centuries.  It is next to the Castle of Gibraltar, another interesting site. At the Citadel, there are two museums, one of them a very fascinating archaeological museum.  Anyone who enjoys history should make this stop.


Malaga, like most old Spanish cities, has a castle.  Its Castle of Gibraltar was constructed in the fourteenth century.  You can take a tour of the castle and be further steeped in history. Make sure you take in the lovely view of the city and the port from the ramparts of the castle. Since they are right next to each other, a day or afternoon spent at the Citadel and the Castle is a worthwhile one.


The next stop should be the Cathedral of Malaga. Construction of this landmark was started in 1528, but stopped and started again over the next two centuries. It came to a final stop in 1783 when there were no more funds to continue, and one of the towers is still not finished, to this day. One of the most interesting things about this cathedral is that since the construction spanned so many eras, many different styles of architecture are seen in this one building.


The Archaeological Museum of Malaga has a considerable collection of Gothic and Greek art, as well as the ruins of an ancient Roman Amphitheater.  Don’t miss the Museo de la Ceramica; pottery and ceramic works from all eras are on display here. 

After you and your children have soaked up all this history and culture, it may be time to reward them with a visit to the Tivoli Amusement Park.  This is a very popular tourist attraction, with rides for children of all ages as well as daily shows, and botanical gardens to tour.

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