How to Fly Into Malaga, Spain

About twelve million people fly into Malaga, Spain each year. Malaga is a port city along the Mediterranean Sea in the Costa del Sol region of Spain and, fortunately, the Malaga airport is often considered one of Spain’s most efficient airports. Travelers to this area fly into this airport daily and with the increase in the number of travelers using the airport, it is presently undergoing major construction. There are presently two terminals with a third terminal expected to open in 2008. The majority of passengers use terminal two and, for this reason, it would be wise to arrive early for your flight.

How to Fly Into Malaga, Spain

 As is typical, you should provide yourself with enough time to check in to your flight, get through security and find the correct terminal. Additional time for security is needed, but you should also provide yourself plenty of time to park. Due to the construction, parking at the airport sometimes proves to be a challenge. Due to the airport’s heavy traffic, it offers many services to meet the needs of its passengers. There are counters providing information on its services in the entrances of both terminals. These information desks are easy to find.

Hotels in Malaga Spain

International airport

Malaga airport is a large international airport offering connections to over 60 foreign countries. Over 120 worldwide airports offer flights into the city which makes it much more likely to find a good deal. You can call the discount airlines directly, call a travel agent or make a reservation online.


Upon arrival at the airport, you have several transportation options available for you to reach your destination. The most convenient is a car hire company. There are quite a few car hire services at the airport, while other companies will pick you up from the airport. It is, of course, a good idea to reserve a car in advance to ensure a car will be available when you arrive. Taxis are another option and can take you from the airport to your destination in Malaga or surrounding cities.


The fare charged is based on the distance to your destination. The farther you need to travel, the more expensive the fare will be. Public transportation from the airport is also available. Larger groups can take the public minibus which stops at ten locations throughout the Costa del Sol region. Smaller groups can use the shuttle coach, which is less expensive. You must reserve transportation on the shuttle in advance.


There is also one direct bus which runs from the airport to the Marbella bus station. Information on the Malaga airport bus can be found at the information desks in the terminal. Finally, there is a train transfer from the airport located outside the international terminal. The train comes every half hour, as the ride to the city is only twelve minutes.

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