How to Find Cheap Holidays to Spain

Are you thinking of visiting Spain but are put off by what you’ve heard from your friends about the expense of a holiday there? It’s true that often people think of a holiday to a Mediterranean country such as Spain as a very expensive and difficult trip to plan. This is simply not true. There is a good selection of cheap holidays to Spain that includes airfare, hotels and even car rentals or tours once you arrive.

How to Find Cheap Holidays to Spain

Looking for one of the many cheap holidays to Spain is simple if you have access to a computer and the internet. Many of the online booking companies offer discount packages if you travel slightly offseason. Which may mean planning your vacation either just in front or just behind the peak tourist season.


In Spain, the peak vacation times are the summer months of June to September. But the warm weather often extends well past September and even in April and May. In fact, you may find that a holiday outside the peak periods is in fact much more enjoyable – and bearable. After all, it’s no fun at all walking around cities like Seville. Cordoba or Granada in the boiling heat of a July or August midday.

Tourist times

Planning your vacation just off the main tourist times will usually give you cheaper flights, cheaper hotels and a lot fewer people around. Another option is to take last-minute flights that have not sold, often these flights are a fraction of the price but do require a lot of flexibility.

Hotels in Malaga Spain

Staying in hostels is a great way to have cheap holidays to Spain but many hostels have requirements on age and time that you can stay. Sticking to independent hotels rather than the larger chain hotels can also provide slightly decreased costs. Plus it allows you to really experience the culture of the area. Another option is to stay in one place that has a good low daily rate and simply travel using rental cars. Buses or even the train on day trips to see the surrounding areas.

Decrease costs

One of the best ways to decrease the costs of a trip to Spain is to stay just slightly off the beaten path. Many of the smaller towns around the larger cities have wonderful accommodations at a fraction of the price. Meals, food, and drink are often much more reasonable in smaller areas than in big cities.

A rail pass is a relatively inexpensive way to get around the country and saves the traveler from having to navigate the roads and deal with a rental car. Rail or train travel is popular and inexpensive throughout Europe and the rail passes can be used outside of Spain. Making them a good cost-saving idea for cheap holidays in Spain.


As you can see, there are many ways you can look into to reduce the price of your holidays in Spain. The main thing is to actually get there and soak in the sun, the joie de vivre of the people. The delicious food – or whatever else attracts you!

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