Hidden Gems In The Costa Del Sol

Malaga, Spain is a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge for tourists.  As the capital of Costa del Sol or the “Sun Coast”. Malaga lies on the southern coast of Spain and has a lot to offer the casual traveler and history buff alike.  Not only will it take you back in time when you visit some of the most important structures in Spanish history.

Hidden Gems In The Costa Del Sol

It also brings you into the present day, with its wide variety of shops and markets.  Most of the attractions are within walking distance. Once you’re in the city center, so it’s easy to take in all the city has to offer.

Historical Tours

Just a short walk from the historic city center. You’ll find the fortress El Alcazaba. The entrance to this landmark, which dates back to the 11th century, is known as the Puerta del Cristo, or “Christ’s Door”.  The first mass after the Christians’ victory was celebrated here. 

Great Sights in Spain

The lush grounds consist of carefully manicured gardens and stately fountains.  Many terraces on the property provide fabulous views of the town.  The Archaeological Museum can be found on the grounds.  Just outside the gates of this structure. You’ll find the ruins of an amphitheater that dates back to Roman times.

Pablo Picasso

Another point of interest not to be missed is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. The country’s most famous artist.  It can be found in the historic city center in the Plaza de la Merced.  In 1998, the Picasso Foundation took over the historic building. And was officially re-opened by the King and Queen of Spain. After being closed for over 100 years. It serves as a tribute to Picasso’s life and is a testament to his talent.


Aside from these two attractions, the city is overflowing with other historical points of interest. Including a variety of museums and churches that date back centuries.

Life in Malaga

The area of Andalucia, where Malaga is situated, is the most populous region in Spain.  It’s steeped in culture and tradition.  Over 3,000 fiestas are held here each year.  It seems that a special event or holiday is celebrated nearly every day.  From carnivals to religious processions, these events showcase the true spirit of the Andalucian people.


Residents are very congenial and friendly and enjoy a deep sense of community.  The nightlife here is as relaxed or as fast-paced as you like.  From a leisurely walk along the boardwalk to singing flamenco songs in a local pub, you can’t help but discover something you’ll enjoy.

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