Getting Your Cheap Flights to Spain

In this day when people tend to book their own flights online. It is important to know what the travel agents have for known for years about getting their customers the best deals and cheap flights to Spain or anywhere else for that matter. When booking your own flights or just researching online for information about flights to Spain, keep in mind a few tricks of the trade.

Getting Your Cheap Flights to Spain

1. Book flights early or late

2. Be flexible

3. Know which airlines have hubs in certain cities

Book Flights Early or Late

If you have ever tried to reserve a flight at the last minute to a remote destination or one that is not known for its seasonal deals, then you know that can be the most expensive way to go. The secret is to book your flights at least 14 days in advance. Sometimes, the earlier you book a flight the better the deal. That is because airlines have reserved just so many seats to be sold at different price levels. That is why you can be sitting next to someone on the same flight, in the same row, with the same skimpy snack and have paid as much as $500 more or less!


The other end of the spectrum is to book last minute. This is not always possible since many people have to plan their vacations well in advance. However, if you say to yourself you are going on vacation the third week in January and that it doesn’t really matter to you where you go as long as it’s warm and sunny, then you can shop around for the destination that is offering the best deal.

Be Flexible

Flexibility isn’t just about what city you choose, but how you choose to get there. Many online booking services will prompt you to enter in the airport codes for cities within 50 or 100 miles from your first choice. This can save hundreds of dollars in fare costs if you are willing to drive an extra hour when you depart or land.

On the other hand

You can also be more flexible about how many stops, plane changes or layovers you are willing to make. If you are only willing to fly non-stop, your prices could be higher. On the other hand, if you are willing to make two layovers, it could take you much longer to get to your final destination but you could save a bundle.

Getting To Spain

In changing planes, if you are concerned about losing your luggage, learn to pack light and find out what the largest size carry-on bag your particular airline will allow and bring all your belongings on board with you.

Another area

Another area where you can be flexible is with dates. Sometimes moving up a departure date by just a day will drop the price dramatically. Again, online services will often prompt you to look for flights a couple of days before or after your first choice date. Usually travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday is cheaper too, since many business travelers tend to leave on Monday and come back on Friday and vacationers uses the weekends. These flights book quickly and will usually cost more.

What’s A Hub?

A hub is an airport in which an airline has chosen to centralize a large portion of its fleet. Some of the larger airlines will have several cities that serve as hubs. When you change planes, it is usually taking you through an airline’s hub because that is where they have the most flights going to the most destinations.


Spain is not so big of a country that you couldn’t be flexible about what city you enter or depart from. Cheap flights to Spain can be obtained by booking offseason, booking early or late, and being flexible about what airport and airline you use. You can enjoy a vacation to Spain for a lot less money than you might think, and being airline savvy is the way to do it.

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