Come See a Big Part of Spain Malaga

Spanin Malaga is a beautiful city and one that should not be missed.  There is a lot to do and see without Malaga as well as in the entire Costa del Sol region.  You will find the nightlife to be supreme as is the shopping. The historical sites and museums as well as the luxurious accommodations.  For the tourist, it is a true paradise lurking here.

Come See a Big Part of Spain Malaga

Malaga city was at one time occupied by the Moors.  It quickly became a center of trade on the Iberian Peninsula.  For this reason, there were a number of fortresses erected throughout.  In fact, you can still see many of these wonderful locations today as they mark the victory over the invasion by Isabella and Ferdinand in the later part of the 1400s.  Still, there is much more to see here in terms of history as there have been many cultures that have played a role in this country’s history including the Romans, the Greeks, and the Phoenicians.  You can find much of the old historical sites that pay homage to this area.

Malaga City

In order to come into Malaga City, you can visit through Malaga Airport which is about 8km from the center of the city at its western point.  This airport is ideal for any travel throughout the region of Costa del Sol.  You will find it is a fully functioning airport with more than 60 major cities coming into it.  From here, there are a variety of ways to get into the city including by bus and car.

Clothes Shopping in Spain

There is quite a bit to see when you arrive in Malaga City.  One of the most ideal locations to visit includes the vast number of cathedrals and churches that are located throughout the region.  You will find The Cathedral that was build during the 1528 to 1782 span which actually stands on a location that was at one time a mosque. 

Castillo de Gibralfaro

Another place to visit is the Castillo de Gibralfaro which is a castle that is known as the marking point of Ferdinand and Isabella, an invasion that spanned several months.  Before this point, it was a lighthouse and thus got its name from this.

See Alcazba

Alcazba is a fortress that is well worth visiting.  Here, the city held its first Catholic Mass after the siege of Christians.  When you visit this location you will find some of the most amazing gardens as well as a museum.


History is not all that you will find in the city, though.  The Called Marques de Larios is the main street in the city and anyone that enjoys shopping will appreciate it.  There are some of the world’s best boutiques located here.  Also visit the Plaza de la Constitution where you will find more bargains and some great souvenirs here.  You will find more affordable purchases down the side alleys in the area too.

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